Serving Humanity, Promoting Tolerance, Restoring Dignity.  

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LIVELIHOOD is a membership not-for-profit, non-governmental development Organization, with no political and no religious leaning, based in Cameroon. We strive for the wellbeing of all human beings and sustainable development. LIVELIHOOD is a registered NGO in Cameroon since 1996.


 Ignorance and disease are two of the five principal factors that keep individuals, families and communities in permanently poor state. These factors form in each aspect and combination, a dangerous poverty vicious cycle. A person who is poor cannot feed well and is not able to take care of his/her basic health needs, and once sick the person cannot work hence poverty has to persist and end up with death. And again, ignorance which is the lack of information makes people, families and communities to become very vulnerable and stay in poverty. Poverty is much more than just the lack of money. It is a very serious social problem hence it requires a social approach, and not an individual, to get a solution. However, for individuals, families or communities to revert poverty, there must be the exercise of a high level of tolerance and the acceptance of different opinions within members of such a family or community, and finally be able to stand strong against factors that keep them in a poor state, such as diseases, ignorance, dishonesty, apathy, and dependency. Exercising tolerance will definitely set a platform for peace, development and a common approach in the process of breaking the cycle of poverty. 

   LIVELIHOOD NGO strives to break the cycle of poverty through our active grassroot participation with the needy by carrying out trainings, capacity building and practical programs addressing both the stratergic and practical needs of our target population. We appreciate our technical and financial donors in ensuring that our needy population see their dreams becoming realities.




Our mission is to reverse poverty through healthcare, agriculture, environment, water and sanitation with particular focus on children, women and the elderly. 

Our success in realizing our objectives lies in working in partnership with the state, national and international organisations, institutions, communities and individuals.

Since 2008 LIVELIHOOD NGO is focusing its activities on household water treatment, hygiene & sanitation. By working in healthcare centres, we quickly realized that most patients were suffering from water borne or water related diseases.

Water is available in most habitable areas from divers sources - wells, springs, rain, rivers etc but Clean Water free from germs and contamination remains rare. The most common diseases include: diarrhea diseases (Cholerea, dysentry etc,) typhoid, intestinal worms, skin rashes and others. Children, people living with HIV/AIDS and pregrant women  and very elderly persons, are the most vulnerable victims of water borne & related diseases.   

LIVELIHOOD NGO has embacked on the clean water and safe storage campaign in order to reduce the incidence of water borne diseases, hence the reduction of deaths resulting from such diseases. Our program prioritises water treatment at points-of-use or Household water treament and safe storage program - Clean water for homes.  The program support homes with the Biosand Filter technology through the training and production of biosand filters for water treatment in households.

The program is accompanied by the promotion of good sanitation and hygiene practices. This will help in breaking the cycle of disease transmission, hence breaking the cycle of poverty.