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Over the years LIVELIHOOD NGO has been able to streamline field activities to address immediate family and individual poverty needs. Working with the understanding that poverty is a social malaise and so needs a social approach in the process of eradicating it. Our activities involve the participation of communities thus empowering them and creating a sense of ownership of projects. This ensures sustainability as project impact is felt by targeted families and individuals in such communities.
Our collaborative approach permits us to be able to mobilize resources (material, human and financial) locally and from other foreign donors in supporting community based projects as well as sustaining our programs directly geared towards community enhancement. LIVELIHOOD NGO intervention is in three domains as follows health, agriculture and household water treatment, hygiene & sanitation.


 Household Water Treatment, Hygiene & Sanitation

Save Money, Save Lives, Save Time - Drink Clean Water.



 It is always the wisest idea to have water from any source treated at home before use.

We are currently pursuing a sensitisation campaign on household water treatment, hygiene and sanitation addressing a wide variety of public.

In the meantime we are installing Bio-sand filters in many households of the region.

March 2010:  Joint project with UNICEF to provide clean water in East Cameroon



The organization ran two operational Health Centers - at Atuaziri quarters in Bamenda and at Bamessing in Ngoketungia Division.
Our Health outreach activities involved the following:

  • HIV/AIDS sensitization/voluntary counseling, testing, care and support
  • Anti-malaria programs and treatment in our health units
  • Immunization of children following the National Vaccination program as drawn by the Ministry of Public Health,
  • Reproductive health activities to young people aged from 10 to 18 years,
  • Family planning activities for women and couples in our health institutions and follow up within communities.
  • Home care for HIV patients and other sick people especially epileptic patients.
  • Household Water Treatment, Sanitation and Hygiene.

 Agricultural Based Income Activities

 The promotion of Agricultural based income-generating activities with emphasis on mushroom production, promotion of vegetable production in semi urban and rural areas. The aim of this activity was to provide families and individuals a source of income that will enable them to take care of family basic needs such as improved nutrition, pay for basic health needs, and education of their children. We closed to work with this population in agricultural activities because all of them are already used to subsistence farming and therefore will not find it difficult carrying out their agricultural project in a much marketable scales, though all of the labour still remain physical and tedious, as farmers are not able to purchase tractors even at their rural community level.